French Provincial Office Chair Reveal



I’m pretty pleased with how she turned out…
I have had this chair for over a year now and came very close to giving it back to my mom when I decided that I hated the old, dingy fabric too much and could not justify the expense of having it professionally reupholstered.

Note that I said “professionally” reupholstered.

**I am, by No means, a professional upholsterer. I am learning and this is my first project. But I am REALLY pleased with my first project and how it turned out!

I fell in love with this fabric when I saw it at JoAnn’s in the outdoor fabric section. Then I spent well over an hour debating on whether or not to buy it because I knew that this chair would be in my office, which is the very first room that you see when you walk into our home. And nowhere in my office (or anywhere else in our house…) will you see bright pink, lime green or elephants.

But I loved it. And I kept going back to it and telling myself that this is MY chair for MY home office. It’s not going in our family room. My husband will not have to sit in it or be embarrassed when his friends are over and have to sit in a girly pink and green elephant chair while they watch NBA playoffs. It’s mine. And I absolutely love it.

The point in all of this is that I wasted well over an hour of my precious time that day and ended up leaving empty handed because I doubted my own instincts on what I am drawn to and what visually makes me happy. A week after I returned to JoAnn’s and committed to this eclectic pink elephant fabric, I am nothing but thrilled with it!

Trust your gut. Trust your instincts. Trust your style.

Trust yourself.

And in the end, what’s the worst that could happen? I spent all of $15 total on this fabric and trim. If I had messed it up or decided when it was all said and done that I hated it, then I’m out $15 and I learned a little bit more about what I like and don’t like. And I could have started all over.

But thankfully, that was not the case! I absolutely adore it and plan on using it every single day.

Now, just to be honest, there are a few things that I have to point out that are not ideal about this upholstery job. I used too much hot glue in lots of different places, I have some stray staples showing, I cut the fabric too short in 2 places and I did not sand and refinish the wood to get all of those dings and scratches out from the years of use that this piece has seen.





And there is a reason for all of these “mishaps” being left.

One. I am still digging the “distressed” look, at least for now. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to get “old” (get it, old…distressed…pun intended 🙂 sooner than later, but with this style of chair, I’m pretty confident that it’s gonna stay that way for a while longer.

Two. I’m trying to embrace the “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” philosophy that The Nesting Place so beautifully embraces in her new book. I am NOT a perfectionist. Done. Beautiful. Not perfect, not professional, but beautiful. And again, I love it.

And three…I have 4 children, a giant black lab and small white Schnauzer/Maltese who has earned the nickname “dirty Gert” for very good reasons…She loves dirt…And she also LOVES to sit by the window in my office. Enough said. I will NEVER be able to have pristine upholstery in my house, but I am pretty attached to all the dirt-lovers in my house so I have learned to be content with muddy paw prints and sticky fingerprints on pretty much everything in our home.

So that’s pretty much it for my first Lemonaide Abode project! This one will not be one that I sell but it is one that I will enjoy for a while. And hopefully, it will have made me a little bit better at doing something that I’ve always wanted to learn to do. The current project that I’m working on WILL be for sale, so keep following along and see where this thing is headed!

Make some Lemonaide today, friends!

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Welcome to our humble abode!

DSC_0509Welcome! And thank you SO much for taking the time to visit my new adventure!

This is Lemonaide Abode.

I am going to paste my “About Me” page here as my introduction to my blog. But before I do, I wanted to give a little info about what this blog will be.

I am going to write about, photograph and share the projects that I have completed or am working on and some description about how I (and we, when my hubby is involved) have made it happen. I will share where the inspiration came from and when I can, I will share where you can find the products or materials to re-create it for yourself.

I am also hoping to start a business selling some of the pieces that I renovate and helping others renovate their current pieces in a fresh and more usable way.

As of today, I can do some very BASIC upholstery work. I do not know how to sew YET. My goal is to learn very soon. But as of now, I am only able to re-upholster pieces that do not require sewing. You might think that I am very limited by this lack of skills, and I always thought the same…Until I took the time to tear apart a piece of furniture recently. I have had this chair for a few years now and had even offered to give it back to my parents because I couldn’t put the money into it to be professionally re-upholstered. Then, I literally tore it apart and figured out that it did not contain one part that had to be stitched together. It’s not finished yet, but it will be in the next couple of days and that will be my first official renovation post.

Anyway, here’s what Lemonaide Abode is all about. Please leave me any feedback that you might have and follow me to see where this leads….

Hello! I’m Aimie and I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with my super-handy, super-handsome, super-awesome hubby and our 4 crazy, funny, active kiddos.

I started this blog in 2014 as a way to showcase our home and the ways that I have creatively used what we have or can find (on the cheap!) to make it a warm and lovely and cozy place to settle in as a family.

The name “Lemonaide Abode” is full of significance for me. The old cliche about making lemonade from the lemons that life gives you is a perfect image of what I do with old pieces of furniture or decor or crafts that I use in my home when I renovate them into usable, beautiful new pieces of decor in my home.

The “ai” is a throwback to how I spell my name, AImie. Again, a little different twist or “tweak” on the original spelling.

“Abode” is a very special word and concept for me. One of my absolute favorite passages in the Bible is John 15:1-17, but specifically verses 1-11, that repeatedly quote Jesus asking us to “abide” in Him and in His Father. He also refers to God as the Vinedresser and I just love that. Jesus is the Vine and God is the VineDRESSER. I will do an entire post on this passage and all that it means to me, but God has used this verse over and over again to speak to me about what it means to ABIDE, both in Him and in our home with our family that He has blessed me with and has put in my domain of responsibility. I believe that God has gifted me with certain talents and gifts that help me make our home a place that our family thrives and that others feel comfortable in while visiting.

I also love the Websters definition…It reads:

Abide: the past of abide. Also, the place where someone stays or lives.

I believe that our surroundings (our Abode) have a tremendous impact on our state-of-mind and stress levels/comfort levels. I am inspired by the places I have experienced and seen and the emotions that I feel while I’m there. I try to re-create those feelings in our own happy, laid back spaces in our own home.

We are a one-income family on a very tight budget, so I have learned how to creatively “tweak” things that we already possess or can find, into statement pieces that my 4 kids and 2 dogs and all their/our friends can actually live on… without the stress of worrying about destroying an expensive piece of furniture.

Here’s a few things that make me smile on a regular basis (in addition to the hubs and kids and friends and dogs…):


Coffee (and A LOT of it)

Coffee mugs

Home magazines


Decorating and organizing blogs

Norah Jones iTunes radio

Texture & lots of it

Friends…every episode ever made…every time it’s on…and I own all 10 seasons on dvd

My vintage bike basket and vintage-looking bike

Peonies, hydrangeas, gerber daisies and tulips


Seaside/Seagrove, Florida (I would rather be in a dilapidated one-room shack beach-front than in a mansion 2 rows back)

Mid-century modern furniture

Natural wood grain and metallic finishes

High gloss paint finishes


Anything blue…Carolina blue, turquoise, teal…I love it all

Journaling and fresh journals




You’ve Got Mail

Historical fiction…specifically anything from the 1920’s and 30’s

Dark chocolate

TJMaxx, Target, Homegoods, Marshalls…

Really, there’s so much that makes me smile and inspires me. I hope that this becomes a place that can do the same for you! Enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by!!!